Making a Cat Name Generator

Making a Cat Name Generator

Catcaller is a simple cat name generator to help you find a name you may not have considered

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Mike Eden
·Sep 25, 2021·

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My fiancée and I plan to adopt a cat after our wedding, so we've been keeping a list of possible names. But as that list expands, it's difficult to come down to a decision. So I got the idea to make a name generator that picks one at random.

A name generator isn’t exactly original, but I haven’t had much luck finding one that looks modern. I’m a minimal type of person so I opted for a simple but clean design.

As of right now, more than 100 names can be picked at random, but I plan on adding more in the future. In the following versions, I intend to add the following features:

  • an option to filter names based on sex
  • an option to favorite names

🔗 Link to the GitHub repo can be found here

🔗 Link to the live site can be found here

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